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Slugging is the Latest Skincare Trend

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Slugging is the latest skincare trend that generously uses a petroleum product as your last step in your regimen to help secure your skin products and clean them up over noon, then wash them off the following day with a cleaner. This mentality is no more good than someone with inherited dry skin. It may take you a better way for your skin. Now you can endeavor to establish your moisture barrier most of your skincare procedure. The lipids are primarily the wall mortar, binding together the bricks and supporting the wall’s general stability.


Why slugging?

It not only prevents dehydration by producing a “waterproof” membrane but also provides plump skin with an Instagram-worthy radiance. To avoid flattery or unwanted acne, apply a tiny coating for trouble areas. Korean women often use petroleum as an excellent highlighting product in addition to skincare. Contrary to powdered cosmetics, the shine of the vaseline is more natural and makes your skin look healthier. Pick up your slugging skincare guide from a local beauty store to achieve the perfect skin with a K-Beauty approval stamp.

Slugging’s advantages:

There is an ultimate goal of facial slugging, hydration to the advantages of this movement. Petroleum jelly can assist in treating dry skin by supplying moisture, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). In turn, this leads to a host of other advantages, including a more young, smooth, and bouncing skin. The chilly, damp winter months, which tend to make your skin feel dry and tight, are regarded to be especially helpful.

As a trend, the increasing popularity of Slugging may be traced back to the world of K-beauty before forums. But, although popular recently, it’s recommended by most dermatologists that dryness and eczema be swiftly healed and the moisture trapped.

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