Rules for Taking a Break in a Relationship

relationship issues

When your relationship isn’t working out, and you’re constantly fighting with your partner, the temptation to call it quits is overwhelming. Sometimes in a serious relationship, you and your partner will feel the need to take a break and put your relationship on hold. This can happen for a variety of reasons: maybe your work or school responsibilities have increased and are depleting your energy for the connection; perhaps you and your partner are forced to be long-distance and need to spend some time apart; maybe one of you needs to prioritize mental health and self-care, or perhaps you need some space to evaluate if there is a long-term relationship. In reality, most couples on the verge of breaking up choose to take a break rather than break up, so there are some┬árules to take a break in a relationship.

  1. No interruption in contact: This is one of the ways to take a break in a relationship with no meetings, messaging, calling, or communicating directly or on social media, as the name implies. The goal is to act as though you’re single again and experience life without your partner.
  2. Consider the cause for the break: Do you genuinely need a break, or are you just looking for an excuse to break up? If you are sure that you want to end the relationship, rather than taking a break, you should strive to find a way to do it without hurting the other person.
  3. Not a monogamous break: The signs you need to take a break from relationship some foolish or minor conflicts, nagging, or whining that could escalate something significant or damage to the relationship. That’s when you go on a monogamous break when you don’t go on dates or have one-night stands but stay away from each other.
  4. put your relationship on holdYour relationship issues can be resolved: If you have resentment toward each other due to miscommunication, or if you’re just not articulating how you feel to one other, these issues can be quickly resolved.
  5. Don’t force each other to reconcile: Breakups might end if you and your partner decide not to negotiate. While it’s never a good idea to take a break to avoid a breakup, sometimes gaps do naturally lead to divisions, even if you didn’t expect it. You should end things if your time and spaced apart from the relationship provides clarity and exposes that it was not a sustainable partnership.

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